Design and development of websites and plugins


We turn in our work on time

We don't disappear after receiving an advance payment like many freelancers, but instantly get to work. We calculate and plan each stage on time, control them until the project is delivered.

We argue

We prefer to have discussions only when we have an indisputable argument. Every decision we make every decision we make is subject to technical or conceptual explanation.

We offer

Do not "play" with the client in the game "one-way" only with mutual offers are created unique and truly cool projects.

We recommend

In addition to suggestions, we prefer to make recommendations on the technical implementation of of controversial points, based on our experience, but we do not force them to accept them.


Landing page

Conveniently present information on the shelves for your customers. The entire focus is on one product or service, leading to a specific action. The perfect tool for advertising traffic

From $300

Multipage site

Multipage is good for those who own a large business with a huge range of goods and services

From $600

Online store

An online store is a shopping platform and online showcase for the presentation and sale of goods for various purposes, which represents the company and builds its image, and is able to receive applications and payment

From $800

About the ICEBREAKER team

IceBreaker Studio - a team that develops Web applications, websites based on CMS Wordpress, APIs, plugins, design and our own style. Our vision is based on the experience of each team member from developing over a dozen projects in their field outside of the IceBreaker team.

Finished ICEBREAKER Studio projects


Development of a custom theme on the design provided by the customer.
Development of custom functionality using the video player and Wistia service.
Development of custom blocks for Gutenberg.
Development of an API for the mobile app.



Development of a custom theme on the design provided by the customer.
Development of custom and multi-language functionality.
Implementation of Google analytics.



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We are a young, promising, newly launched development team, united by common ideas and interests. Each team member has experience in developing WEB-applications or designs. Within this team your project can become one of the first on a special offer. If you are interested in our proposal - leave your contact information in any of the feedback forms on our site. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.