Sometimes there is no need to create a large informational web resource, however, modern marketing requires the commercial conquest of a vast Internet space. In this article we will talk about site-card: what is it, how does it look like, what work we do to implement this type of site.

What is it?

This is one or a small number of pages, which are located on the same domain, are made in the same style and have a similar structure, internal consistency. They represent detailed information about the owner – it may be an individual or a legal entity, about the services they provide, and they also contain contacts for communication. The main purpose of such a resource is to introduce the visitor to the organization and its activities, to give an opportunity to contact the head or sales department.

In other words, it is an electronic business card. Its size and content and design can be determined by the specifics of the business.

How does it look like?

What can be called the characteristics of such an information site:

  • Detailed information about the company. Minimal information is contact information. That is, telephone numbers of departments, address and travel directions, links to pages in social networks, e-mail address and other means of communication.
  • Modest design. Few people order an custom designer for a business card, templates are usually used.
  • A small number of functions, interactive widgets. As a rule, there is no personal account, but there are a few buttons for visitors to show activity.

What work we do to implement this type of site?

  • Analyzing analogues
  • Creating a Technical Assignment
  • Term approval
  • Creating a custom design and template (if necessary)
  • Creating the necessary logical functionality
  • Installing and configuring additional plugins (protection, optimization, etc.)
  • Additional edits to the template
  • Site Support

In conclusion

We will help you with complex issues, if necessary.